With a School Direct training course I don’t get a salary. How do I pay the fees and afford to live?

You may be eligible for a tax-free bursary to help with fees and living costs. The Department for Education has more detailed information.

Is there any other financial support available?

There are various other loans and schemes on offer to support you. The Department for Education has more detailed information.

How is the SUPA School Direct course different to the University Led course?

It offers the best of both worlds – close links with a SUPA ‘home’ school and the benefits of the university-led training course

Do I need some classroom experience?

There is no requirement for school experience but it will help you to decide whether you are making the right decision - we are happy to help you get experience in one of our SUPA schools

Can I do the course part-time?

No, they are all full-time courses

Can I choose my home school?

We find it better to match trainees to schools ourselves, after talking to you of course! This way each person is individually matched to the school that best suits their personal situation.

I need to complete a personal statement. What do I include?

Tell us why you want to be a teacher. Demonstrate that you understand what being a teacher is all about. Share your experiences of working with young children, what you learned from any time in school and what you bring to the profession

What are your Training Provider and Subject Codes?

Follow this LINK to find relevant information.

Where do I apply?

Follow this LINK to Apply for Teacher Training and search for SUPA

Will I gain Masters credits?

Yes. Our courses are Masters level and our trainees gain 30 ECTS credits, a third of a Masters degree, from the University of Southampton. You can complete the Masters degree in your own time over the next few years

Am I guaranteed a job at my school when I qualify?

No. But every year well over 90% of our PGCEs are employed as teachers and over 70% last year in our partnership schools.

My degree isn’t from the UK, will you still accept it?

We accept degrees gained in many other countries – you need to go to UK NARIC to check whether it is equivalent to a UK degree

What should I do if I don’t have GCSE English or mathematics?

We can help you with University of Southampton equivalency tests

How can I develop my subject knowledge while on the course?

Much of this will come through your teaching and discussions with your school mentors, however you will also attend approximately 25 subject specific days at the university, run by our subject specialists who are all ex-teachers

I have some specific questions. Who can I talk to?

We’re here to help. Contact us directly by completing the form at the bottom of this page


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